At P.H.A.T.B.O.Y. Productions we saw an ongoing problem – an inadequate supply of godly productions (i.e. events, promotions) that incited curiosity and caused men and women to become God-chasers. While we saw productions that were high quality, they lacked a strong representation of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, we saw productions that had a strong representation for Christ, but they lacked in quality. From that observation we formed this “min-dustry” in order to bridge the gap by providing high quality productions and with a strong representation of our Lord Jesus.

To accomplish this goal, we network with Christian churches and organizations to create platforms that stress salvation, emphasize Christian growth, and encourage Christian service. In addition, we provide Christian resources that are geared to both counter the negative influence of secular hip-hop and serve as an answer. By using these arts (e.g. performance, lyrical, and fine) as a ministry tool we can conduct evangelistic rallies and crusades targeting high school college age, and young adults. Thus, we provide encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to young people growing the army of God.


to bridge the gap between high quality productions and strong representation of Jesus Christ.


We exist to provide godly productions that will create an environment conducive for spiritual growth.

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