School of Authentic Poets

The School of Authentic Poets (SOAP) is the poetry/spoken word ministry of P.H.A.T.B.O.Y. Productions. Because of the symbolic meaning, we chose the name School of Authentic Poets after prayer, deliberation, and revision. We feel that it is reflective of the collective mission that the church has been given and the format that we have been given the grace to use. We are in SCHOOL because no one person ever completely masters the Way of the Master, and thus we are still earning. We are AUTHENTIC, in that we represent the one true God not with mere lip service, but the Word of God presented in Poetic format to be SOAP, and cleanse whatever environment that we find ourselves in. Our desire is to cleanse mental palates from false, vain, and sacrilege notions of who God is, and what God desires from our lives. Then see people take that knowledge and apply it to their lives in those hidden, private, and visible areas of life. We trust that we will encourage people to take the Word of God and apply it to their lives in faith, believing that it will do what it is supposed to do; divide, set apart, and cleanse.

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